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Naureen Moin

Location: Victoria

I am Naureen Moin and I am a crafter from Melbourne. I was born and raised in Bangladesh. After my Bachelor, I lived in the US for a while, where I met my husband and became the mother of two beautiful sons. I took up crafting as a form of self-care as I was worried about having mental health issues as I have a family history of bipolar disorder and depression. Since my childhood, I had a creative side and I loved doing pottery and embroidery. Then in 2016, I tried doing a bit of crochet, which I had never tried before. However, I took on a challenge and learned from YouTube.

Crocheting to me is therapeutic. It calms me down and I know whenever I may feel down, I just pick up my hook and start stitching. I have found crocheting reduces my anxiety and stress. And, it is a lot cheaper than going to a therapist.

Crocheting gives me a sense of belongingness, deep satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment. Crocheting has helped me to be connected with like-minded people in different groups where we share ideas, patterns and how crochet has helped us in life in general. Hope you all enjoy my work and I hope to keep making as many projects as I can.

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