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Sadia Afrin

Director and Co-Founder

Location: Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Hi! I am Sadia and I am a Co-Founder of Crafting My Story. I am a Civil Engineer by profession and currently working for the ACT Government. As a migrant Australian, I have always been passionate about my root culture and the beautiful artefacts that women from my home country, Bangladesh, make. I have realised, often these women and their work are unknown to the rest of the world. Through the platform that we are creating through Crafting My Story, I envisage to bridge this gap by introducing their handmade products to Australian customers. Through this social enterprise, I have been closely working with several passionate, creative, and hard-working women artisans in Bangladesh to enable them to design their handmade products for the Australian market and to showcase their beautiful creation here in Australia.   


Another area that I am passionate about is to contribute positively to environmental sustainability. With our crafters in Bangladesh, I am co-designing products with materials that are environmentally sustainable such as jute and have just started to work with recycled materials and industrial waste from ready-made garment industries (off-cut fabrics and denims).

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