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Wahida Haque Khan

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am an artisan from Bangladesh, a country known for its rich tradition, art, and culture. I am currently studying Child Development and Social Relationships. Bangladesh has a long history of art and culture, but in our pursuit of progress, we have lost some of our heritage. This has inspired me to work towards preserving our culture. As a product developer, my goal is to save our culture and natural resources by making Jute, also known as the golden fibre of Bangladesh, contemporary and globally recognized. Jute has many beneficial features such as being environmentally friendly, UV protection, sound and heat-insulation and having low thermal conduction and anti-static properties, which makes it an ideal choice for home decor. Jute fibres are also strong, long, shiny, and lightweight, making them easily portable and suitable for creating beautiful and useful products. Additionally, jute plays a significant role in our country's economy. Our aim is to restore the lost glory of the jute.

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