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Regalia Dipa Dey


Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello, my name is Regalia Dipa Dey and I am a Co-Founder of Crafting My Story. I am an entrepreneur in Bangladesh currently working in the event management space for more than 15 years. I own my own firm “Romance Ikebana Event and Entertainment” through which I have been working with many female entrepreneurs in this space. In recognition of my work as one of the very few women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, I have received several national and international awards.


My involvement with Crafting My Story is from its inception through which I work with several Bangladeshi women crafters to enable them to connect to the Australian market and customers. Throughout my work, I have seen many women who have hidden talents and can do great things. Through my role in this social enterprise, I help these women to bring their talents to a wider community and help them create beautiful products and reach out to Australian communities. This is helping these women not only to be self-reliant but also to promote their handmade products in an international space.

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