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Indrani Dutt

Location: Kolkata, India

I’m Indrani from Kolkata, India and you will find me here in Canberra visiting my elder son’s family during the summer months. I have spent a good part of my life as a homemaker and parenting my two sons. When they left home to pursue their education and career, I (like most parents) struggled with empty-nest syndrome. I turned this loneliness into an opportunity to learn and create art in various forms. I have found the most success and passion in jewellery making.  


I collaborate with other artists and local producers for distinctive materials and generate exclusive jewellery designs. I prefer mediums such as semi-precious beads, stones, cloth and other biomaterials.


My jewelry designs tend to pick up trends during Indian festivities like Diwali and Durga Puja.  I would like to diversify my designs to bring ethnic materials to suit contemporary and modern fashion to suit a market like Australia.  Collaborating with Crafting My Story would bring me closer to such customers to continue my growth and confidence in jewellery making.

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