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Teena Saulo

Location: Northern Territory

Recently, after earning my PhD in Anthropology from the Australian National University, Canberra, ACT I felt an immense need to indulge in creative work. I wanted to use my hands and develop new skills. At first, I started painting in acrylic and watercolour and then later decided to experiment with printing my artwork on functional objects such as coasters, mugs, fridge magnets, throw pillow covers, and tote bags.


I believe this new creative endeavour which was not far removed from photography, a medium that I have been deeply involved in for two decades has provided me with a new form of expression. I migrated to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland in 2011 where I was fortunate to continue  my artistic practice. I held a solo exhibition in the Caloundra Regional Art Gallery in 2013 and produced a film in 2015.  Prior to migration, I worked within remote Southeast Asian communities as a researcher, community worker, and photographer through the University of the Philippines Centre for Women's Studies. I also lectured on documentary photography and darkroom techniques at De la Salle University. My main photographic and research interests include the study of the everyday lives of South-East Asian Indigenous people, women laborers, migrant women, and diasporic studies.

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