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Khalida Zakaria

Location: Australian Capital Territory

Hi, and peace be upon you! My name is Khalida Zakaria, I came to Australia in 2021 with my husband and three daughters after the fall of Afghanistan's previous government earlier that year. By the grace of Allah (s.w.t) and my culture, since my childhood, I have many skills, including tailoring, crocheting, embroidery, sewing, and making Afghani traditional clothes, that I learned from my mother, sisters, and friends. I am very passionate about my work and have a lot to offer to the Australian vibrant community. I love my handicrafts particularly because making these items gives me pride through which I hold the history and culture of my beloved country.


Establishing myself in this new country is not an easy task but it will not be impossible with the help of the people and the community I live in now. I am committed to doing my bit here in Australia to represent my rich Afghani culture. I won’t be naïve to say that every woman has challenges in life however as an Afghan woman, our struggle has been unique as we experienced many extreme challenges that are often not heard of. I dream of working with my crafts to bring changes in my as well as other women’s lives and I wouldn’t stop for a second.

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